Our product ranges


Customers benefit from SEAC’S expertise and know-how with several different product lines.

Steering tie rods

We make tie rods, the parts which connect the steering rack to the wheels. These are the parts that turn the wheels of the car when you turn the steering wheel. For each wheel, there are two tie rods; one on the wheel side and one on the steering rack side.

Suspension ball joints

SEAC also produces ball joints, the parts which connect the suspension arm to the steering knuckle and wheels. They are essential to allow articulated movement of the wheels relative to the rest of the vehicle. We make two types of ball joints.

Rotary dampers

We also leading producers of rotary dampers (a type of shock absorber). Whereas these products are currently used mostly on luxury cars and utility vehicles, their use is spreading quickly, and they will soon be installed on most vehicles of every kind.. In addition to absorbing shocks and controlling rotational movement, they also contribute to vehicle safety. SEAC provides three different types of damper


Modern production systems

SEAC uses the latest machining and assembly equipment. Our new production lines are equipped with robots which perform high-precision movements in minimal time. We are well equipped to meet all customer requirements with optimal productivity and irreproachable quality.