1. Presentation of the website

In virtue of Article 6 of French Law No. 2004-575 of 21 June 2004 concerning Trust in the Digital Economy, users of the website https://www.seac-sas.fr, are hereby informed of the identities of the different parties involved in the publishing and management of the site:
Owner: SAS 439218603 000125. Share capital: €7,000,000,00. VAT number: 439218603 000125 – 8-16 rue de la Robotique, BP 70652 42042 Saint-Etienne
Publication manager: Constantin Tonegaru– c.tonegaru@seac-sas.fr
The publication manager is a physical person or a legal entity.
Webmaster: JLCW – contact@consulting-web.com
Web hosting : ovh – 2 rue Kellermann 59100 Roubaix 1007
Data protection officer: Constantin Tonegaru – c.tonegaru@seac-sas.fr
Legal notices are provided directly by the Website Legal Notice Generator

2. General terms of use of the site and the services offered.

This site constitutes intellectual property protected by the French Intellectual Property Code and applicable international Intellectual Property regulations. The user may not in any way reuse, assign or exploit all or any part or component of the site for themselves.
Use of the sitehttps://www.seac-sas.fr implies full and unconditional acceptance of the General Terms of Use described below. These terms of use may be changed or added to at any time. Users of https://www.seac-sas.fr are therefore advised to consult them regularly.
The website is normally available to users at any time. Nonetheless, https://www.seac-sas.fr website service may be interrupted for technical maintenance, in which case SEAC will make every effort to inform users in advance of the date and time when the site will be down. https://www.seac-sas.fris regularly updated by the https://www.seac-sas.fr Publication manager. The Legal notices for the site are also subject to change at any time. The user is strongly advised to review them as often as possible.

3. Description of services provided.

https://www.seac-sas.fr aims to provide information on all of SEAC’s business. SEAC undertakes to provide https://www.seac-sas.fr with information that is as accurate as possible. Nonetheless, SEAC shall not be held liable for any omissions, inaccuracies or deficiencies in updates to the site, whether of their own doing, or of that of partner third parties providing the information.
All information on the site https://www.seac-sas.fr is given for reference only. It is nonbinding and subject to change. Furthermore, the information published on https://www.seac-sas.fr is not exhaustive. It is given with the understanding that changes may arise after the information goes on line.

4. Contractual limitations on technical data.

The site uses JavaScript technology SEAC may not be held liable for any material damage relating to use of the site. Furthermore, the user undertakes to access the site using recent, virus-free hardware with the latest generation navigator. https://www.seac-sas.fr is hosted by a service provider with the European Union in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, EU Regulation 2016/679).
We aim to provide a service which ensures the best accessibility rate. The host ensures continuity of service 24/7, every day of the year. However, the host may interrupt service, as briefly as possible, to perform maintenance, to improve or service infrastructure, or to investigate if services appear to be generating abnormal traffic.
https://www.seac-sas.fr and the host may be held liable for any failure of the internet, telephone lines, or computer or telephone hardware, including network congestion hindering access to the server.

5. Intellectual property rights.

https://www.seac-sas.fr owns all of the intellectual property or holds all the user rights for all accessible parts of the site such as text, images, graphics, logos, videos icons, and sound. Any reproduction, representation, modification, publication or adaptation of all or any part of the site, regardless of the means or process used, is strictly forbidden without the prior express written permission of: https://www.seac-sas.fr.
Any unauthorized use of the site or of any of its constituent parts will be considered intellectual property infringement, subject to prosecution under Articles L.335-2 and following of the French Intellectual Property Code.

6. Limitations of liability

As the publisher of the site https://www.seac-sas.fr, SEAC is responsible for the quality and accuracy of the content published.
https://www.seac-sas.fr may not be held liable for any direct or indirect damages caused by the user’s equipment when accessing the site https://www.seac-sas.fr resulting from equipment not meeting the specifications in §4 above, a bug, or a compatibility issue.
Furthermore, SEAC shall not be held liable for any indirect damages, such as loss of business or loss of an opportunity, following use of the site https://www.seac-sas.fr. Interactive pages (eg Contact form) are available for users to ask questions or post comments. https://www.seac-sas.fr reserves the right to remove any content, without prior warning, if it deems that such content violates law applicable in France, especially with regard to data protection. In such a cases https://www.seac-sas.fr reserves the right to attribute any civil or criminal liability to the user , especially if said content is racist, insulting, defamatory, or pornographic, regardless of the medium (eg test, photograph).

7. Management of personal data.

The customer is informed of regulations concerning marketing communication: the French law of 21 June 2014 for Confidence in the Digital Economy, the French Data Protection Act of 6 August 2004, and the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR).

7.1 Data controller (processor responsible for personal data)

For personal data collected when the user creates their account and navigates on the site the Data controller is: 439218603 000125. https://www.seac-sas.fr is duly represented by Mr Adrian Lintis, its legal representative.
As the Data controller, https://www.seac-sas.fr undertakes to respect the legal dispositions in force. In particular, they must establish the purpose of the data processing, obtain user consent, provide complete information on how personal data is processed and keep an accurate log of data processes. Each time that https://www.seac-sas.fr processes personal data, SEAC takes every reasonable measure to ensure the accuracy of the personal data, and its suitability for SEAC’s stated data processing purpose.

7.2 Purpose of data collection

https://www.seac-sas.frmay process all or part of the data to:

  • to enable Site navigation, and management and traceability of services ordered by the user: connection and site use data, billing, order history, etc.
  • to prevent and fight against computer fraud (spamming, hacking): hardware used for navigation, IP address, hashed password
  • to improve Site navigation: connection and use data
  • to conduct optional satisfaction surveys on https://www.seac-sas.fr: email address
  • to conduct communication campaigns (text messages, email): telephone, number, email address

https://www.seac-sas.fr does not sell your personal data. Your data is used only when required or for statistical and analytical purposes.

7.3 Right to access, rectify and object

In compliance with European regulations in force, users of https://www.seac-sas.fr have the following rights:

  • right of access (GDPR article 15), right to rectification (GDPR article 16), right to update, complete, lock or erase personal data GDPR article 17), if it is inaccurate, incomplete, equivocal or outdated, or if the collection, use, communication or storage of the data is forbidden
  • right to withdraw consent at any time (GDPR article 13-2c)
  • right to restriction of processing (GDPR article 18)
  • right to object to the processing one one’s personal data (GDPR article 21)
  • right to data portability, when user-provided data is automatically processed based on the user’s consent or a contract (GDPR article 20).
  • right to determine what is done with the user’s personal data after their death and to choose whether https://www.seac-sas.fr should send information to a previously designated third party

As soon as https://www.seac-sas.fr learns of the death of a user, unless they had been otherwise instructed by the user, https://www.seac-sas.fr undertakes to destroy the deceased’s personal data, unless this data must be kept for proof or other legal purposes.
If the user wishes to know how https://www.seac-sas.fr uses their personal data, wishes to correct their personal data, or objects to the its processing, the they may contact https://www.seac-sas.fr in writing at the following address:
439218603 000125 – DPO, Constantin Tonegaru
8-16 rue de la Robotique, BP 70652 42042 Saint-Etienne.
In such case, the user is to specify which personal data they want https://www.seac-sas.fr to correct, update or delete. To do so, they must identify duly themselves by providing a copy of an official identity document (eg national identity card or passport).
Requests to delete data are subject to SEAC’s legal obligations, such as any requirements to hold or archive documents for a given period of time. Finally, users of https://www.seac-sas.fr have the right to file complaints with the competent authorities, such as the CNIL (https://www.cnil.fr/fr/plaintes).

7.4 Non-disclosure

https://www.seac-sas.fr is prohibited from processing or hosting customer information in, or transferring it to any country outside of the European Union, or recognized by the European Commission, as having inadequate data protection regulations, without first informing the customer. However, https://www.seac-sas.fr remains free to choose their technical and commercial subcontractors, on condition that they present sufficient guarantees with regard to GDPR 2016-679 requirements.
SEAC undertakes to take every necessary precaution to secure the user’s personal data and ensure that it is not disclosed to unauthorized persons. Nevertheless, if an incident impacting the integrity or confidentiality of the customer’s data comes to the attention of SEAC, they must inform the customer as soon as possible and state what corrective actions have been taken. Please note that https://www.seac-sas.fr does not collect any sensitive data.
The user’s personal data may be processed by subsidiaries and subcontractors (service providers) of https://www.seac-sas.fr solely for the purposes of the present data policy.
Within the scope of their respective roles, and for the aforementioned purposes, the parties with access to the data of https://www.seac-sas.fr users are mainly our Customer service staff.

8. Notification of incidents

No matter how hard one tries, no storage or internet transmission method can be 100% secure. We cannot therefore guarantee absolute security. Should we learn of a security breach, we will alert the users concerned as that they may take appropriate action. Our incident notification procedures comply with our national and European legal obligations. We undertake to fully inform our customers of any security issues concerning their accounts and to provide all the information they need to comply with their own regulatory obligations with regard to reporting.
No personal data of a user of https://www.seac-sas.fr will be published without the user’s knowledge, or exchanged, transferred or sold in any form to any third party. If https://www.seac-sas.fr were sold, personal data would be transferred to the acquirer, who would also be obliged to comply with data protection law in force with regards to the users of https://www.seac-sas.fr.
To ensure the security and confidentiality of personal data, including personal health data, SEAC uses networks protected by standard security systems such as firewalls, pseudonymization, encryption and passwords.
During processing of personal data, SEAC takes reasonable measures to protect the data against any loss, alteration, destruction or illicit or unauthorized use.

9. Hypertext links; cookies and internet tags

https://www.seac-sas.fr contains hypertext links to outside websites, with the authorization of SEAC. However, SEAC is unable to verify the content of the sites linked to, and will assume no liability thereof.
Unless you expressly choose to deactivate cookies, you agree to let us use them. You may deactivate cookies at any time, free of charge, by using the site’s cookie deactivation function, with the understanding that doing so my reduce or prevent access to all or part of the services provided.



https://www.seac-sas.fr may occasionally use internet tags web beacons, action tags, single pixel GIFs, clear GIFs, invisible GIFs, or 1×1 GIFs). The site may ask outside web analytics specialists to manage these tags, which means that the information they collect (including the user’s IP address) may be stored and processed in a third country.
These tags are inserted both into online advertising allowing users to reach the site, and on different pages of the site.
This technology enables SEAC to analyze how the site is used, and the effectiveness of different actions (eg the number of times a given page is visited, and what information is consulted).
The outside service provider may collect information on visitors to https://www.seac-sas.fr, using such tags, and report to SEAC on site activity. They may also provide SEAC with other services concerning the site and the web.

10. Applicable law and jurisdiction.

Any dispute concerning the use of this site https://www.seac-sas.fr is subject to French law. Unless otherwise prohibited by law, the exclusive jurisdiction shall be that of the competent courts of Saint-Etienne.