The purpose of this Charter is to promote a climate of greater trust and mutual respect in a work environment where any form of discrimination or harassment is forbidden. The development of a positive work climate, which contributes to economic and commercial effectiveness, to social progress, and to individual fulfillment, requires continuous efforts and everyone’s cooperation.

1. Fundamental rights

SEAC firmly believes in the principles and rights of the French Declaration of the Rights of Man, and the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union. These are inalienable and universal values of human dignity, freedom, equality and solidarity.

2. Labor rights

SEAC undertakes to comply with and promote the agreements of the International Labor Organization, the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, and the social charters adopted by the European Union and the Council of Europe. These agreements are necessary to act freely to improver individual and collective working conditions. They undertake to:

  • fight against child labor and exploitation
  • facilitate access to work for disabled persons
  • at the very minimum, comply with EU and national labor laws and agreements in force
  • respect labor union rights in each country
  • eliminate all forms of forced or compulsory work In particular, when we use suppliers who may work in countries where such practices still exist, we require that these suppliers undertake not to use such labor either directly, or indirectly through their subcontractors.

Every employee of a SEAC company is entitled to work conditions that preserve his/her health, safety and dignity. Preventive actions for workplace health, safety and dignity are considered top priority. They must be carried out and strengthened.

3. Employment, salary, working time and work conditions

3.1 SEAC undertakes to foster the employability of their people, by anticipating changes in technology, the economy, the organization, and the competition. We seek to ensure job security and to promote diversity in the company which reflects that in society.
From this perspective, training our employees is an important, ongoing, high-priority investment. Continuously developing the means to strengthen the job skills of our employees is considered essential.

3.2 Pay and benefits will at the very least meet the minimum legal standards and comply with individual and collective labor agreements.
Our employees, who contribute so much, individually and collectively, to the success of our business, must benefit from this success, through their remuneration, as well as other benefits such as profit sharing and supplemental health insurance coverage.
3.3 Working time and work conditions shall comply with the legislation, and with individual or collective labor agreements in force in the country of employment.

4. Equality

Equal opportunity SEAC will not practice any form of discrimination, particularly that based on gender, race, color, ethnic or social origin, religion or convictions, political or trade union views, birth or handicap, age or sexual orientation.
Gender equality must be ensured with regard to employment, work remuneration and career development.

5. Anti-corruption

SEAC is committed to doing business according to principles for action and behaviour based on respect and integrity, quality in the service provided and team spirit, in accordance with this charter.
Corrupt behaviour is considered to include any action, whether direct or indirect, involving money or not, aimed at somehow influencing any individual or organisation, in the public or private sector, in the performance of their functions with a view to gaining an unfair advantage. This is the framework within which SEAC pursues a policy of zero tolerance of corruption in all its activities in all geographical areas.
Finally, the law stipulates clear penalties for any individual or organisation found guilty of corruption. Thus, every infringement in France or abroad, whether deliberate or accidental, exposes the company and the employees involved to severe financial penalties and criminal charges which can lead to prison sentences.
Through this charter, SEAC aims to reinforce its goals in the struggle against corruption.

6. Whistleblower protection

SEAC undertakes to make every effort to guarantee the confidentiality and impunity of any whistleblower who reports their concerns in good faith.
Employees and partners of the SEAC corporation have the option of reporting, in all good faith, a situation where they know or suspect that there are infringements of the law and of this charter. Such reports are dealt with by company management, who treat them in confidence, in accordance with the requirements of law.
Any potential infringement of the law or of this charter will lead to an inquiry. Information about these reports will only be shared with people who have to intervene to assure the company’s interests. All employees may be asked to make statements and cooperate with management in order to ensure the accuracy of the facts reported.
In this respect, SEAC recalls that any professional document, post, computer file or email remains company property and may be checked at any time, in accordance with data protection law and current regulations on organising internal inquiries. The company will not tolerate reprisals of any kind against anybody who has raised the alarm in good faith.
However, anybody who deliberately and maliciously submits a false or inaccurate report will be liable to disciplinary sanctions, which may include dismissal.

7. Entry into force

The Charter will enter into force on 1 January 2015 upon signature by:
– the President of SEAC

Adrian Lintis